With An enthusiastic approach and outlook to both contemporary fashion & Vintage as well as Cinematography in Film/TV. Dominic is a passionate and opinionated individual of all things artistic. 
London born from a Jamaican/Cuban & Irish heritage, notably with a mixture of distinctive features has peeked many curiosity regarding his ethnic background. 
While studying and training to work in physiotherapy, you can find him working in retail security part-time.
Dominic's strong eye for styling and thrill to express himself in-front of the camera makes modelling a natural fit.
Height - 6 foot / 184cm 
Chest - 41 inches / 104cm 
Waist - 37 inches / 93cm 
Hips - 42 inches / 106cm 
Inseam - 31 inches / 78cm 
Collar - 16 inches
Shoe size - U.k. 11.5 / EU 46 / EU 47
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